Our recent project with the City of Davenport is wrapping up with only a few weeks until the city-owned transload facilities’ completion.
The City of Davenport received EDA funding in 2014 for the facility which will assist with the economic growth of both the city and region. The facility will allow commodities to move from train to truck and vice versa, attracting new businesses and promoting existing industries to achieve a much more economical method of transporting both raw and finished goods.
In development of this facility ERS had to not only understanding the engineering and project development challenges, but also solve competitive rail access issues and understand and develop a freight logistics market analysis that would support the anticipated local freight movement and overcome rail operational and bridge weight limitation issues while maintaining a tight schedule and budget. The facility is located on major interstate highways, rail lines, and the Mississippi River, with Davenport already being the center of the country and the city is confident it will attract an ever growing amount of traffic from both trucks and trains. The final design includes a unique containment system for transloading liquid commodities, warehouse space and outside lay down yards. The city is very pleased with the design and is anticipating the opening of the facility which will be operated by Savage Services Corp. of Schererville, IN.