Project Description

ERS assisted Ceres Global Ag Corp. in developing a logistics terminal in Saskatchewan, Canada, to handle agricultural, energy and construction commodities. The terminal provides shippers and receivers in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba direct rail access to the BNSF network. Located on Saskatchewan Highway 9, an all-weather, all year-round road, two Super-B high capacity trucks can deliver or receive each railcar, reducing trucking and delivery costs for Canadian shippers.

The project’s southern property line is the US/Canadian border. It consists of two 8500’ loops (one for grain one for energy products), two 4000’ yard tracks, a transload track, lay down areas, and 400 plus acres of developable industrial sites. ERS assisted Ceres in initial financial modeling, market analysis, operational planning, BNSF marketing and service design approval, regulatory permitting, State Department discussions, site and rail design oversite, construction management and overall development management. ERS was integrated into Ceres’ team throughout the entire process from concept, to design, to construction, to startup of operations, and now in a continuing role of development of individual commodity terminals.

The project was delivered for the original budget of $23.6 million despite delays and geotechnical challenges resulting from the 2013-14 winter where frost penetrated 9’ deep.